What is the "Traditional Method" of Preparing Kava?

What is the "Traditional Method" of Preparing Kava?

Traditional Preparation
Traditionally kava was prepared by cutting the root into small pieces, being chewed by several people (often children or young women, because of their perceived reduced bacterial levels!) and spat into a bowl, where it was mixed with coconut milk. It was believed that the chewing procedure blended the root with enzymes in the saliva and promoted the extraction of the active ingredients of the root and generally produced a much tastier brew. The concoction was then strained through coconut fiber, squeezing the pieces of masticated root until all the juices were blended with the water. This was then poured into another bowl for consumption.


Preparation Today
Today the ground root is mixed with water and kneaded or agitated to release the beneficial “kavalactones” that have been known to create a different levels of relaxation depending on the strain of kava used.* The kava drink is neither an alcoholic beverage nor a psychedelic drug. Nevertheless, it does have sedative and anesthetic properties.

KAVAPLEX Easy to Use Full Spectrum Oil
The founder of KAVAPLEX, who has used kava as a dietary supplement, decided there had to be an easier, faster way to unlock the potential of fresh ground root powder. Make a product that even someone with health challenges could quickly and easily consume. Now, we have done that with a new product that we've created called KAVAPLEX and it's available now online at KAVAPLEX.com.

No more kneading a strainer bag in warm water from 10-30 minutes to release the beneficial "kavalactones", our new line of products will have the same potency of medium grind kava in a simple product that can be used alone or mixed with your favorite drink.
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