The TRU KAVA Experience

Mindful Relaxation

 Kava offers a path to relaxation that doesn't compromise mental clarity.

Mood Elevation and Mental Clarity

Kava induces an optimally uplifted, productive and creative state of mind while remaining centered without jitters and other side effects.

Social Connection

Kava is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and authentic connections.

Sleep and Recovery

 Kava doesn’t sedate you, but rather leads to deeper more restorative sleep later after consuming it.


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Unparalleled Quality


TRU KAVA is crafted from pristine Kava roots. We ensure that every sip captures the plant's authentic essence, without compromise.

No Compromises

TRU KAVA never compromises on efficacy. It is the first fully modernized Traditional kava product. Each batch is subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring that you receive the true benefits of traditional Kava.

Scientific Excellence

Our journey is guided by both tradition and science. Collaborating with Kava research pioneers, we meticulously refine our methods to preserve the potency while 3rd party lab testing each batch for all known contaminants.

Taste and Experience

We've reimagined the kava experience, presenting it as a modern indulgence without losing its therapeutic life-giving essence. With each sip, you embrace mental energy, tranquility, and connection.

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Meet our Founder

Cameron George

Cameron is an acclaimed researcher, writer, and a globally recognized leading authority on Kava. As the visionary founder of TRU KAVA, he is pioneering a movement to elevate Kava to its rightful place as the signature social elixir of our contemporary world. TRU KAVA is a values-centric organization, leading the charge in establishing industry benchmarks for kava quality, safety, and education within the mainstream market. Cameron and TRU KAVA are reshaping the narrative around Kava, bringing its profound benefits to the forefront of modern culture.

4.5 Stars from over 20,000 Subscribers

I had tried kava in the past without much effect but decided to give this a go after hearing about it from Dave Asprey. It worked unbelievably well to keep my anxiety at bay while I worked on clearing the trauma with EDMR and other techniques. I was like a different (calm, happy) person and I was impressed that the effect lasted a good 12hrs and I didn’t feel fuzzy or sedated.

Erin on Jun 22, 2022

I stumbled upon Trukava while searching for high-quality Kava products, and I am so glad I did! The Kava drinks and oils I ordered surpassed my expectations. The taste of the Kava drinks is smooth and earthy, providing a delightful calming experience with each sip. The oils are potent and pure, perfect for those moments when I need a quick dose of relaxation. The packaging was secure, and the delivery was prompt. Trukava has become my go-to for premium Kava products. Highly recommended!

Sarah on January 15, 2022

Trukava has truly brought the essence of the Pacific Islands to my doorstep. The Kava drinks offered by this website are authentic and transport me to a state of tranquility. The variety of flavors is impressive, and each one has its unique appeal. I also purchased the Kava oil, which has become a staple in my relaxation routine. The customer service at Trukava is exceptional – responsive and knowledgeable. If you're a Kava enthusiast or just curious about trying something new, Trukava is the place to go!

Alex on March 5, 2023

Trukava has set the bar high for Kava enthusiasts. The quality of their products is exceptional, evident from the first taste of their Kava drinks to the soothing effects of their oils. The website is user-friendly, making the ordering process seamless. What impressed me the most is the attention to detail in packaging and the commitment to customer satisfaction. I had a query about the products, and their customer support team was quick to respond, providing valuable information. Trukava is not just a place to buy Kava; it's a destination for a premium, stress-relieving experience. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Jason on October 9, 2023